About us

We’re Janice and Kellie, two life-long friends with almost twenty years of combined design experience. We share a love of gorgeous design, fun & family, daring greatly & perhaps some nice wine & dark chocolate.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve joined forces to create Morning Road, a unique blend of our respective creative homes Big Morning and Inspired Road.

We grew up together in a little town by the sea and we live there still, raising our children near the same white sand and pure aqua waters that we swam in as children. The beauty of our natural surrounds continues to inspire and sustain us, and this is reflected in our work.

Morning Road brings a fresh, creative, quirky design style that is grounded in the now and reflects our own journeys – life by the sea, love, creativity, parenting and friendship. 

We’re thrilled to be working together, and ready to create and grow with you, our gorgeous community. We hope you enjoy the journey and that, somewhere along the road, we inspire you!



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